How to earn bitcoin by freelancing on the blockchain

earn bitcoin by freelancing

It’s now possible to earn bitcoin by freelancing on platforms built on the blockchain. You work as a freelancer and get paid in digital currency.

There are several bitcoin jobs platforms that offer freelancers the opportunity to get paid in bitcoin and altcoins.

earn bitcoin by freelancing

It’s estimated that in 2018, jobs in blockchain industry will be on the rise. And this is no further from the truth.

With the growing opportunities in blockchain, you can now work from anywhere in the world and get paid in bitcoin. With these innovations, I am more excited about the prospects of blockchain in years to come in all sectors.

This is not just a trend but an evolution of money.

As an entrepreneur looking to build startups on the blockchain, companies are looking for qualified freelancers to work with. The business models might be different but the freelance marketplace is growing rapidly.

Freelancers are also looking for a fair and transparent platform that offers quick payments and low fees. And the boom of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are the solution to freelance work exchange worldwide.

Problems with current fiat freelance platforms

When you work from home on freelance job sites, the challenges you are likely to come across are mostly related to your payments. It’s either you’re not paid in a timely manner or you get paid a particular percentage of your job rates.

freelance platforms

1. High transaction fees: Every freelancer understands what it means to lose money to transaction fees. As a freelancer, you only get paid 80 percent of your hard earned money and you’ll still have to pay some fees to withdraw your funds. This can be a big bite out of your hard-earned money.

When you get paid in Bitcoin as a freelancer, you get more money because of the low transaction fees associated with Bitcoin.

2. Centralization: Fiat freelance marketplaces are centralized. This is one problem that blockchain technology has come to solve. With centralization, there’s a lack of transparency in their algorithms and processes. This often results in questionable security. They own all your data and profit from it.

3. Fake reviews: There are cases of clients and freelancers trying to hack or cheat the system by creating fake reviews using multiple accounts. This is one of the main trust issue that non-blockchain projects face. It also make it difficult to know if you are dealing with a reliable entity.

4. Slow payment processing: After the reduction in your money due to fees, fiat payments can take days or even weeks to clear through banks to your account. Bitcoin payments can happen within minutes, and some other altcoins are even faster.

Also, none of these sites offer freelancers the chance to earn in cryptocurrency. Fiverr only accepts bitcoin from clients but don’t allow payments to freelancers in bitcoin. And they charge 20 percent for that too.

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9 best job platforms to earn Bitcoin by freelancing in 2018

With the job platforms below, you will find a new side hustle or even a full-time job that pay you in Bitcoin.

Here are some of the freelance marketplaces where you can earn bitcoin by freelancing for companies using the blockchain.

1. Coinality

Coinality is probably the most known bitcoin platform for freelancers. It covers jobs in various fields ranging from graphic design, web development, programming, content writing and the likes.


As a freelancer, you can create a profile and add your experience in their respective fields for employers to see. Employers can also post vacancies on the job board. You’ll get paid in bitcoin and USD.

If you’re a developer, Coinality offers an exclusive, invite-only job board for pre-screened developers. And if you want to apply to be a programmer, you are required to complete competency exams in coding. You are also monitored for success throughout your time working for various employers there.

If you’re a qualified developer, the jobs are high paying, and the process is highly professional.

2. Cryptogrind

Cryptogrind, founded in 2015, is another popular bitcoin freelance platform that offers you an easy and secure way to find freelance opportunities that pay in bitcoin.

It matches employers with freelancers, and provides escrow addresses to hold payment until job completion. Cryptogrind also acts as a third-key mediator in the case of a dispute.


On this platform, you can browse through various categories of jobs listing using specific keyword tags. It has a good array of jobs with work in legal, design, music, development, video, writing and a section called “fun or bizarre.”

As a freelancer, you’re are able to set up a profile that include your resume and your services.

And if you are an employer in the crypto community, Cryptogrind is one of the best places to post jobs for free. You get notified anytime a freelancer is interested in your job.

Cryptogrind has gained a good reputation in the freelance community for its tight security that includes cold wallets only. It’s also the only platform using multi-sig escrow accounts for cryptocurrency storage.

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Unlike other job platforms that have a fixed rate for each job done, this platform allows you to state your price. You only get paid through a built-in escrow service. You can receive your earnings in Bitcoin and USD.

3. XBT Freelancer

XBT Freelancer is a platform that uses only bitcoin as their mode of payment. They are similar to Cryptogrind with their built-in escrow service to ensure all payments are handled well.

XBTfreelancer has some of the top employers in the bitcoin community who use the platform to post their job adverts like ShapeShift and Coinbase.

XBT Freelancer

You’ll find blogging, development, marketing, and search engine optimization jobs. XBT Freelancer has also been around a few years and has a good history in the community.

As a freelancer, the platform encourages you to establish milestones of set prices with your employers. This way, if a job is long and complex, you can get paid as you complete each milestone. The employer can also give consistent feedback that the work is satisfactory.

XBT Freelancer also offers a lot of great general information about bitcoin and freelancing.

4. Jobs4Bitcoin sub Reddit

Jobs4Bitcoin is a subreddit that claims to be the biggest bitcoin jobs platform online. As a user, you can trade your skills for payments in bitcoin. It features both “for hire” and “hiring” posts.


It’s an exciting place to be as a freelancer with lot of different varieties. The reddit community is very active in the blockchain space and incredibly helpful if you have questions.

You can start by creating an account on Reddit and then go to /r/jobs4bitcoins. This subreddit section doesn’t have any escrow system integrated, so you always have to keep an eye out for potential scammers.

5. Bitlancer

Bitlancer is another marketplace where you can sell your services in exchange for bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. On this platform, you can find plenty jobs offers in various categories.

6. BitGigs


BitGigs as a platform is similar to Fiverr. It is a marketplace where you can offer your skills and render services such SEO, content writing, graphic design, etc. You start by creating a profile and place your first gig of the services you want to sell.

7. Ethlance

Ethlance is the first freelance marketplace actually built on the blockchain. It is not a regular website as it offers all the benefits that come with decentralization.


Ethlance has series of tutorials on YouTube and how-to’s on their site. Their code is completely open source. You receive your earnings in Ethereum. Since it’s the only marketplace that pays in Ethereum, it has a wide variety of jobs with loads of listings.

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Ethlance does not take a fee for anything. You will only pay the gas fees to submit the transaction on the Ethereum network which is usually under one dollar depending on the network traffic.

And because there are no fees, there is no dispute resolution offered by Ethlance. Make sure you get paid with milestones for your work while building initial relationships with clients.

The freelance market is realizing the demand and opportunity to create decentralized marketplace to bid for work and get paid in cryptocurrency.

There are two upcoming projects which will combine the very best business models and improve on them. In addition to low fees and the benefits of decentralization, these platforms are also providing connections to fiat, multiple cryptocurrencies support and new solutions for dispute resolution.

8. will be built on the OpenLedger blockchain with its own native currency JOYY! Contracts will be paid in USD or cryptocurrency, but will appreciate in JOYY! as you grow your reputation as a freelancer.

Here is the explanation of the business model.

As a freelancer, you can receive your earnings in USD, BTC, ETH, BTS and any other cryptocurrency available on OpenLedger.

You’ll also get full admin services and support such as dispute resolution on

9. Blocklancer

Blocklancer will be a distributed autonomous job market (DAJ) built on th Ethereum blockchain. It aims to be a completely self-regulatory platform for finding jobs and completing projects.


As a freelancer, you’ll get paid in multiple cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

The platform has an interesting solution for dispute settlements that are democratically resolved in token holder tribunals. The Blocklancer model is explained fully here.

If you know any marketplace where you can earn bitcoin by freelancing, let me know in the comments section so that I can add it to the list.

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