How to make money by traveling the world with these 7 jobs (in 2018)

How to make money while traveling

Hey wanderlusters! It’s time to make some money off your desire to travel the world.

A lot of people go from country to country for new adventures, thereby spending a whole lot of money on the trips. The good news is there are now some jobs that require you to travel as a regular part of the job description.

How to make money while traveling
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Some of these jobs are seasonal, allowing you to live in different places for weeks or months while accommodation would be provided. So if you have been reading travel blogs and looking forward to being on the road, keep reading.

7 jobs that will pay you to travel

Rather than sitting in the office doing the regular 9-5 job or working from home all day, make money off your passion in traveling. In this article, I will be discussing income ideas for people who love to explore the world. Here are seven ways you can make money by traveling:

1. Flight attendant

Did you know that the median annual wage of flight attendants is about $48,500? (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). This means you can make $4042.50 per month and still have some fun while at it.

As a flight attendant for airlines, you get to travel from country to country. Although, how much time you’ll get to visit exotic destinations can vary. Speak to the attendants at your target airline and find out how long they stay between flights.

2. Commercial airline pilot

If you have the qualifications, love the idea of having two to three days stays in cities, be a commercial airline pilot. You will get a better paycheck than flight attendants and enjoy some added benefits. All you have to do is apply to airlines that follow the routes of countries you want to visit and voila! You are making money by traveling.

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3. Bartending

Another job with relatively high pay to make money while traveling is bartending. You can apply for a job to tend bars on a cruise ship or just pick your favorite places, travel down and get a Bartender job for a few months.

How much money you make depends on where you work, which shifts you get and how worthy you are of getting tips.

4. Geologist

Another way to make money by traveling the world is to be a geologist for an oil company. You will get to travel extensively to anywhere there might be oil. The same applies to those working in mining companies.

Naturally, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to be hired.

5. TEFL teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) offers an opportunity to travel to many destinations, but usually for extended stays. According to, teachers get four weeks of overseas training and have six-month contracts. Use websites like to search for jobs in countries of choice.

The primary qualification is a TEFL certificate, but you can get it through online training. You might also need a college degree but this varies by employer.

6. Peace Corps volunteer

Volunteering is another excellent way to make money by traveling and help people alongside. Joining the Peace Corps is ideal if you want to travel to foreign lands and lend a helping hand to people while you are there. It is usually for extended stays, but you would get benefits and a great addition to your resume.

In addition to a living expense stipend you will receive, you get health care, student loan help and a readjustment allowance of more than $8,000 after your 27-month assignment.

7. Travel nurse

If you work in healthcare, you have quite some opportunities for travel. lists stations for registered nurses and says “most travel nursing jobs last between 8-26 weeks, with the majority of the positions being offered for 13-week terms” You can make up to about $10,000 per month, and you get to choose the location.

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I can guarantee that you will retire rich and happy. Additional benefits can include free housing during your assignment.

Do you work so hard that you able to squeeze in just a week of vacation once or twice each year?

Or do you find yourself always daydreaming about travel destinations?

You might want to consider getting a different job — one that lets you travel. Consider the aforementioned jobs and begin to apply immediately. Start from somewhere and you have yourself a career that matches your passion.

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