How to succeed in e-commerce business as a beginner

succeed in e-commerce business

When you see an 18 year old succeed in e-commerce business, then you have to pay attention, humble yourself, and learn because success knows no age. It’s all about having access to the right information and taking actions.

succeed in e-commerce business

Gary Lim is an 18 year old athlete, go-getter, and e-commerce entrepreneur. His recent success with e-commerce made me reach out to him to learn more about what he does.

In line with the goals on My Income Ideas, the lessons in this story will help you succeed in e-commerce business especially if you’re a beginner.

Here’s what Gary Lim has to say about his success with e-commerce:

To think that now I can make 15 times more than what I was making at a day job while chilling at home is seriously a blessing.

I don’t say this to brag, I say this to inspire you.

I know that many of you probably have doubts with whatever you’re working on because I’ve been there and still have it every single day.

But trust me, embrace the struggle and go at it every single day. And I guarantee good things will happen.

I’m just a regular 18 years old kid that decided I was going to make it happen no matter what comes in the way and eventually I slowly figured it out.

Please just don’t give up and good things will happen.

This is for my friends struggling with e-commerce. Four months ago I told myself:

“When I figured how this thing works, I’m going to help a lot of people”.

E-commerce has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done. And I remember how frustrated I was when things wasn’t going well and I’m sure many of you can relate.

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There is honestly too much information out there. However most of them don’t tell you the mindset required which I think is the most important because your business can only go as far as your mindset.

1. Going from scarcity to abundance

You can’t be scared of losing small if you want to win big.

I remember back then I was so scared of losing money that I was afraid of running $5 ad sets. I had the most success when I started being abundant not just in e-commerce but everything that I do.

succeed in e-commerce business

Hitting absurd numbers like $10,000/day is not even scratching the tip of the iceberg of what’s out there. The possibilities are out there but if you’re always living in anxiety and fear you won’t see it. It’s almost like I unlocked another side of the world that I never seen before once I started being abundant.

2. Forget about the shiny object and start chasing mastery

Honestly I had no success for three months because I was so stupidly obsessed with just making money. I only started seeing real results when I started becoming obsessed with mastery instead.

I realized that marketing products is actually really cool and that was a game changer. The numbers you see are just a reflection of how great of a marketer you are. I can promise you if you’re just doing this for the money you won’t go far and probably won’t have much success. Sorry but that is just the hard truth.

3. Learn while you execute

Stop spending so much time consuming information but instead start executing. This is very important if you’re a beginner because you will learn the most when you’re running those ads, choosing those products yourself, then you will build those reference points.

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Most of you already have a rough idea of how this game works but you just lack execution. If you have zero experience take a course first, I took Frank Hatchett’s.

I had the most success when I spent 8-10 hours/day consistently testing up to five products a day instead of watching YouTube videos on e-commerce. Learn while you execute. I feel ideally what works best for me is 80 percent executing and 20 percent learning.

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