Usi-tech bitcoin review 2018: How to safely mine bitcoin

USI-tech bitcoin review

Recently, a friend of mine wanted to learn how to invest in bitcoin safely without doing anything. All he wanted to do is to put his money in bitcoin, and watch it grow.

The answer I gave him is to start with Usi-tech. In this article, I will be telling you exactly what I shared with him.

In the full disclosure, I am enrolled in USI-tech affiliate program. This is to enable me to understand how the system works and make some money while doing so. You’re under no obligation to use my affiliate links to join Usi-tech. But, if you choose to, thank you for supporting me.

If the value of one Bitcoin can increase by $2500– blowing past $13,000 and $14,000 in just one day, then you should know that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

USI-tech bitcoin review

Usi-tech bitcoin review

Usi-tech is a software development company which specializes in the development of automated trading software in the Forex and bitcoin markets.

In the last 8 years, more than 100 software versions with different characteristics have been developed and successfully employed in long-term tests. Usi-tech top-class development team has over 20 years of experience.

The objective of United Software Intelligence (USI) was the logical development of a fully automated trading software, with which “smaller” investors may also participate in the Forex market.

Usi-tech offers two diverse products to grow your portfolio:

1. Forex Expert Advisor (EA): This is their flagship product which automatically trades individual accounts based upon divergent currency-pair groups.

2. Bitcoin Package Product: Usi-tech has recently created a Bitcoin (btc) product designed as a supplemental program to capitalize on the volatility of the crypto-currency marketplace.

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I will be telling you more about the bitcoin package. Watch the video below to learn more about bitcoin and Usi-tech.

Usi-tech bitcoin package

The USI-Tech bit is a passive income Bitcoin trading and mining system with a professional Forex auto-trading software that has been around for around three years.

Usi-tech is registered in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Ras Al Khaimah – RAK, with registration number ICC20160282. It has its headquarters in Dubai. The founders of the company are Joao Filipe Fernandes Severino, Ralf Gold, Horst Jicha, and Mike Kiefer.

You can grow your Bitcoin by 140 percent from either a single or multiple 50 euros investment package or packages which you can withdraw to your preferred bitcoin wallet anytime.

Each package is designed to payout 0.75 percent to 1.25 percent daily in bitcoin (Monday – Friday) for a period of 140 market days.

The summary of everything United Software Intelligence (USI) offers as a bitcoin package is that for 140 working days, there is a guaranteed one percent average profit per day return on investment from trading software & cryptocurrency mining pool contracts.

At My Income Ideas, we only share opportunities that will help you take charge of your life. And I believe that Usi-tech offers such opportunity.

How to buy USI-Tech bitcoin package

Usi tech bitcoin review

This is not a form of financial advise. This is me telling you what I am doing with my Bitcoin investments with Usi-tech as a friend.

1.  Get a trusted bitcoin wallet from a trusted exchange e.g. Coinbase, or any other trusted wallet. You can read more about wallets here.

2. Buy a minimum of $100 bitcoin with your credit card. This is important if you decide to buy a bitcoin package with Usi-tech. However, you can start for free.

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3. Register with Usi-tech for free and check your email for a verification link to activate your account.

4. Buy a bitcoin mining package for 50 euros from your wallet.

Relax and enjoy your return on investments which you’ll earn daily. It’s as simple as that.

The strategy to safely mine Bitcoin with USI-Tech

Let’s play a simple game of buying USI btc packages to better understand this daily multiplying scheme.

Let’s assume that your initial investment into owning USI bitcoin packages is $5,000 USD. You can buy as much as you want. If one Bitcoin is priced at $5700, you would have .8777 BTC in packages today. This translates to earning 0.008776 per day (1%) for 140 working days (Monday to Friday).

After the mining and trading contract expires –this is how the company says they manage these daily gains, the end results will be 1.22864 BTC when the package is done and expired.

This is your returns for not doing anything from your end.

This is the basic calculation which you can use to earn bitcoin from your current USI bitcoin package by doing nothing else but investing into the USI-tech program.

Let me simplify this further.

The USI bitcoin package is a product that has a earning potential of 140 percent with 40 percent as pure profit.

This is being earned at approximately one percent daily (variable) and is fixed to the total of 140 percent at which point it will end or expire.

These are products with earning potential not securities.

Your earnings are accumulated in your available account balance and you are able to withdraw them on a daily basis if you you wish to.

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You are also able to use these earnings to buy more bitcoin packs which is called “compounding” your earnings for a bigger growth in your account.

The total of 140 percent is the minimum you can expect to achieve with the bitcoin package.

The compounding effect is the most powerful way to multiply your capital in USI-Tech and the potential of growth is way bigger that the flat return of each package.

1. The newbie strategy

You compound for 14 weeks to double the amount of your packages. Then, you withdraw for the next 50 working days to recover your initial seed capital.

After which you continue on compound mode for some time to build up the account to reach your set target figure.

2- The semi-newbie strategy

You compound for the first 14 weeks to double packages.  You then pull out for five weeks to recover half of your seed.

After which, you compound for another four weeks and pull out again to recover another third of your seed. Repeat and keep building afterwards

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